Willem Dafoe and Robbe & Berking in the new thriller "Inside"

"Inside" is a fascinating film that will be released in the cinema on March 16th. It tells the story of the professional art thief Nemo (Willem Dafoe), who becomes trapped in a luxurious penthouse after his planned art heist goes awry. Confined among the artworks he was supposed to steal, days turn into weeks and weeks into months. Nemo now lives in a gilded cage, driven solely by his talent and creativity to escape this seemingly hopeless situation.

One artwork featured in the film "Inside" is the chess set by Robbe & Berking, whose pieces are crafted from sterling silver and sterling silver with gold plating. Initially presented in all its perfection, the chess set later becomes a minor supporting character to Willem Dafoe's character.

The film is full of captivating artworks that enhance and thematically accompany the surreal atmosphere of the movie. It explores and illustrates the inner and outer, the conscious and unconscious. "Inside" is, therefore, visually stunning and a profound exploration of art and the human psyche.

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The World's Finest Chess

A timeless game with a timeless design. Uncompromising in quality and material, this handcrafted chess set is not only the finest of its kind in the world, but also a masterpiece to be enjoyed by generations to come. The 32 ultra-modern chess pieces are made of 925 sterling silver, half of which are gold-plated.

The chess set is presented in the usual high-quality Robbe & Berking packaging. The game is played on a chessboard made of maple and wengé, and the set also includes a cup that is gold-plated on the inside and another that is gold-plated on the outside. Mindful pleasure guaranteed.

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Robbe & Berking

Robbe & Berking

The silver manufacturer Robbe & Berking was founded in 1874 and is still a pure family business today – now in its 5th generation.

Manu Factum – made by hand – is everything that bears the name of the company. The master silversmiths in the silver manufactory and the master boat builders in the Robbe & Berking yacht manufactory are responsible for the unrivalled quality worldwide. It is not the limited possibilities of rational large-scale production, but the hands of the master craftsmen and women alone that determine the form and quality of each piece of work.

This is how cutlery and tableware of timeless elegance and beauty are created, which never just follow passing fashions or trends, but are made to last for generations. As the market leader in silver cutlery, Robbe & Berking is a supplier to the world's finest businesses.