The World's Finest Chess

A timeless game with a timeless design. Uncompromising in quality and material, this handcrafted chess set is not only the finest of its kind in the world, but also a masterpiece to be enjoyed by generations to come. The 32 ultra-modern chess pieces are made of 925 sterling silver, half of which are gold-plated.

The chess set is presented in the usual high-quality Robbe & Berking packaging. The game is played on a chessboard made of maple and wengé, and the set also includes a cup that is gold-plated on the inside and another that is gold-plated on the outside. Mindful pleasure guaranteed.

The Chess set consists of:
  • 1x Chessboard maple and wengé
  • 1x Chess piece King, 1x Chess piece Queen, 2x Chess piece Bishop, 2x Chess piece Knight, 2x Chess piece Rook, 8x Chess piece Pawn
  • 1x Chess piece King gilded, 1x Chess piece Queen gilded, 2x Chess piece Bishop gilded, 2x Chess piece Rook gilded, 8x Chess piece Pawn gilded
  • 1 x Alta tumbler, gilded inside
  • 1 x Alta tumbler, gilded outside
  • High-quality packaging box

Hand meets Craft

Robbe & Berking silver manufacturer was founded in 1874 and still remains a family-run business today. The perfection and quality of our products remain unrivalled anywhere in the world, industrial mass production is not an option here. The shapes and decorative details are created by our silversmiths' own hands. The world's finest hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and numerous royal families all rely on the high-quality and unique design of Robbe & Berking silver.

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