For all chefs whose food should do more than just fill you up. For all hosts who love innovation and storytelling: The Robbe & Berking Gourmet Cutlery 2.0 turns every meal into a unique experience. The spoon and tongs are made by hand in the silver manufactory and form one elegant unit. Just as in the kitchen, there are no limits to creativity in how to use the Gourmet Cutlery 2.0. A new form of casual fine dining.

Hand meets Craft

Robbe & Berking silver manufacturer was founded in 1874 and still remains a family-run business today. The perfection and quality of our products remain unrivalled anywhere in the world, industrial mass production is not an option here. The shapes and decorative details are created by our silversmiths' own hands. The world's finest hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and numerous royal families all rely on the high-quality and unique design of Robbe & Berking silver.

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Master­pieces of Silver­smithing

Silver is long-lasting and sustainable

Family tradition since 1874