Unbreakable, perfect in the hand, a real eye-catcher and ideal for enjoying chilled drinks - the Robbe & Berking bar collection turns every drink into an experience for all senses

The new bar collection from Robbe & Berking is not about the dining culture but the drinking culture. Whether you want to serve or enjoy a long drink, a fine champagne, a cool beer or a delicious wine, Robbe & Berking has the perfect vessel or goblet made of silver ready for your drink.

While with conventional glass a careless movement while drying is enough to destroy it, the vessels and goblets are not only unbreakable, but also dishwasher safe, fit perfectly in the hand and offer every drink an unforgettable appearance. 

The high thermal conductivity of silver allows each vessel to immediately take on the temperature of the beverage. Unlike all other materials, you can feel the pleasant coolness and freshness immediately in your hand and mouth. 

The silver sheen reflects the brilliance and beauty of the beverage like no other material does. The Robbe & Berking bar collection includes champagne flutescocktail coupesbeer and long drink tumblersgin, water and wine tumblersrum and distillate tumblersvodka tumblers and a whiskey tumbler

All types of vessels are available in three different patterns (Martelé, Belvedere and Dante). Like ingredients in a cocktail, the vessels of the three patterns can be mixed: Mix and match silver-plated, gold-plated, hammered and smooth drinking vessels - matching your bar, the occasion or the respective drink. Cocktail accessories such as a cocktail shaker, measuring cups, straws, ice tongs and many more products are available. The perfect gifts for friends or your own home bar. 

In the gastronomy and in some exclusive Maybachs, the champagne goblets are already very popular: "Right from the start, the Robbe & Berking silver goblets and silver tumblers have been among the highlights in a Maybach," says Raimund Dormburg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Center of Excellence. Johannes King, the patron at Sölring Hof on Sylt, who has been awarded two Michelin stars, adds, "Our guests love these Robbe & Berking goblets.....".

About Robbe & Berking

Silver is a metal whose beauty has fascinated people for millennia. Throughout all cultural epochs, this highly lustrous metal has inspired artists to create the everlasting. Robbe & Berking works are today considered by connoisseurs around the world as unsurpassed masterpieces of silversmithing and synonymous with masterful quality made in Germany. The silver manufacturer Robbe & Berking is a family business founded in 1874, now in its fifth generation. To this day, it is the silversmith's hand alone that determines the quality of each piece of work and not the limited possibilities of rational mass production. This has made the manufactory the largest manufacturer of silver cutlery in the world. The collection consists of over 4,000 silver and silver-plated pieces, which are used all over the world not only in private households, but also by Restaurants, Hotels, residences and embassies, cruise ships, airplanes, private yachts and much more are equipped. In more than half of the world's 200 largest private yachts, silver from Flensburg is on the tables.

In 2008, the Robbe & Berking Classics yacht shipyard was established, which today includes a yacht broker, its own shipyard museum and the world's largest yachting library with almost 10,000 antiquarian books and magazines. Since its foundation, many 10,000 lovers of classic yachts have been welcomed there year after year at Flensburg's city harbor. Exclusively made of wood, sailing and motor yachts of timeless beauty are built here.

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