Silver on the Easter table

Easter offers a beautiful opportunity to gather with family and friends and enjoy delicious food. Setting the Easter table plays a central role and gives every meal the unique frame it deserves. Silver cutlery and tableware add a touch of elegance and nobility, making the table exceptionally stylish.

After all, special moments deserve an appropriate stage. Some essential aspects must be considered to showcase the Robbe & Berking silver cutlery and tableware appropriately. For example, it is recommended to use a high-quality linen or cotton tablecloth to bring out the naturalness and elegance of the silver cutlery and tableware. The silver accessories also work magic on a natural wooden table, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

In addition to the cutlery and tableware, small silver accessories such as a bread knife, cheese knife, or bowl in the middle are eye-catching and round off the image of a stylish Easter table. A vase with fresh spring flowers or branches adds a fresh and lively touch, while candles create a cosy atmosphere.

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Another highlight of Easter is the shared Easter breakfast or brunch on the morning of Easter Sunday. Here too, the Robbe & Berking silver cutlery and accessories can be used to make breakfast a joyful experience. An elegant egg cup with salt and cloche truly makes people smile, while a coffee or tea service makes breakfast a special treat. Whether rustic or classically elegant, Easter breakfast becomes an unforgettable experience with the right accessories.

Culinary delights also abound during Easter, perfectly complementing the silver Easter table. A classic lamb roast with potatoes, vegetables, and a red wine sauce is an excellent choice and is stylishly served on the plate with the carving cutlery from Robbe & Berking. Spring vegetables such as asparagus, peas, and carrots make a tasty side dish served with an asparagus server and vegetable spoon. Egg dishes in various variations, a homemade Easter bread with butter dish and knife, and a jam bar are further culinary highlights. Small chocolates and chocolate eggs find their place on a tiered tray.

it should be noted that the Robbe & Berking silver cutlery and tableware should not only be used for Easter and other festive occasions such as Christmas, weddings, or birthdays. The silver cutlery and dishes are designed for daily use and add shine to any table. The products from Robbe & Berking are an investment in timeless design and quality that will accompany you and future generations for many years.

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Robbe & Berking

Robbe & Berking

The silver manufacturer Robbe & Berking was founded in 1874 and is still a pure family business today – now in its 5th generation.

Manu Factum – made by hand – is everything that bears the name of the company. The master silversmiths in the silver manufactory and the master boat builders in the Robbe & Berking yacht manufactory are responsible for the unrivalled quality worldwide. It is not the limited possibilities of rational large-scale production, but the hands of the master craftsmen and women alone that determine the form and quality of each piece of work.

This is how cutlery and tableware of timeless elegance and beauty are created, which never just follow passing fashions or trends, but are made to last for generations. As the market leader in silver cutlery, Robbe & Berking is a supplier to the world's finest businesses.