Robbe & Berking shows how modern and surprisingly different silver products can be and presents a series of blades inspired by natural marble stone

In recent years, Robbe & Berking has repeatedly set trends in the silver market. The bar collections, the bar cart, The Box (cutlery box) and our Frozen Black (anthracite-black coated) knife blades have shown this. 

In 2022, we will continue on this path and make our Frozen Black knives truly "one-of-a-kind" by using the latest laser technology: as unique as real marble, no two knife blades in the Marble Cut Edition are alike. 

The matching cutlery box with its trendy marble pattern becomes a real eye-catcher itself. Eating habits are increasingly becoming more casual. The combination of elegance, sophistication and cosmopolitan style make The Box an absolute must-have that will set the tone in any setting. On the dining table, and thus where life takes place. A true centerpiece with great radiance inside. For every dish, The Box not only has the right tools, but also noble ones ready, and opened – the silver cutlery makes the whole room sparkle.

Made with great attention to detail in Flensburg and neighboring Denmark, The Box holds six silver-plated or silver menu spoons, six menu forks, six menu knives and six coffee spoons from the Robbe & Berking collections.

About Robbe & Berking

Silver is a metal whose beauty has fascinated people for millennia. Throughout all cultural epochs, this highly lustrous metal has inspired artists to create the everlasting. Robbe & Berking works are today considered by connoisseurs around the world as unsurpassed masterpieces of silversmithing and synonymous with masterful quality made in Germany. The silver manufacturer Robbe & Berking is a family business founded in 1874, now in its fifth generation. To this day, it is the silversmith's hand alone that determines the quality of each piece of work and not the limited possibilities of rational mass production. This has made the manufactory the largest manufacturer of silver cutlery in the world. The collection consists of over 4,000 silver and silver-plated pieces, which are used all over the world not only in private households, but also by Restaurants, Hotels, residences and embassies, cruise ships, airplanes, private yachts and much more are equipped. In more than half of the world's 200 largest private yachts, silver from Flensburg is on the tables.

In 2008, the Robbe & Berking Classics yacht shipyard was established, which today includes a yacht broker, its own shipyard museum and the world's largest yachting library with almost 10,000 antiquarian books and magazines. Since its foundation, many 10,000 lovers of classic yachts have been welcomed there year after year at Flensburg's city harbor. Exclusively made of wood, sailing and motor yachts of timeless beauty are built here.

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