In memory of an extraordinary flatware designer and entrepreneur

For almost 50 years, Robert Berking (1931-2022) shaped the silver manufactory Robbe & Berking, founded by his great-grandfather in 1874, and in the 1980s turned the family business from a regional player to Europe’s leading silver manufactory. 

The studied economist is not a trained silversmith or designer. His feeling for silver as a material and his sense of proportion and timeless harmonious forms nevertheless make him one of the most successful cutlery designers of his time. He reinterpreted many classics during the four decades of his creative period and designed patterns that are still among the manufactory's most successful to this day.

Designs by Robert Berking

The result is cutlery of timeless elegance and beauty. Never just following passing fashions or trends, but created for generations. Today, many of his designs are on the best tables in the world. 

 But not only his outstanding designs, but also his knowledge of sales and marketing distinguish the 4th generation owner. Until 1957 Robbe & Berking is a regional North German manufactory. In the years that follow, the small silver manufactory first conquers the whole of Germany, then Europe and finally the whole world. 

 Out of the drawer - and on to the table and thus where life plays. Even today, Robert Berking's designs are constantly being reinterpreted. With the new BOX, his designs - barely opened - lend any room a cosmopolitan style and the special glamor that connoisseurs all over the world love so much.

Robert Berking's Designs in THE BOX 

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Robbe & Berking

Robbe & Berking

The silver manufacturer Robbe & Berking was founded in 1874 and is still a pure family business today – now in its 5th generation.

Manu Factum – made by hand – is everything that bears the name of the company. The master silversmiths in the silver manufactory and the master boat builders in the Robbe & Berking yacht manufactory are responsible for the unrivalled quality worldwide. It is not the limited possibilities of rational large-scale production, but the hands of the master craftsmen and women alone that determine the form and quality of each piece of work.

This is how cutlery and tableware of timeless elegance and beauty are created, which never just follow passing fashions or trends, but are made to last for generations. As the market leader in silver cutlery, Robbe & Berking is a supplier to the world's finest businesses.