May 2017

DIE MINI-BAR: Mieten Sie Deutschlands charmanteste Bar.


Sie ist Deutschlands kleinste und glänzendste Bar: Die Robbe & Berking MINI-BAR – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes und auf vier Rädern. Ausgestattet mit silbernen Champagnerkelchen, Cocktailschalen, Gin- & Wasserbechern und vielen Profi –Artikeln aus der Martelé Bar-Kollektion, um Ihre Gäste auf einzigartige Weise zu verwöhnen.

Mit der MINI-BAR entscheiden Sie sich für einen Hingucker, der Ihren Gästen in Erinnerung bleibt – ob für ein privates Gartenfest, eine Hochzeit, eine Firmenveranstaltung oder für einen Empfang in der Hotel-Lobby. Gerne stimmen wir die Bedarfe der Getränkgefäße individuell mit Ihnen ab und organisieren den Transport der MINI-BAR zum Veranstaltungsort.

Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne für ein individuelles Angebot:
Telefon: 0461 / 9030616
Fotograf: Andreas Endermann

October 2016

YOU select the restaurant. WE pay the bill.


10 years ago the first Robbe & Berking restaurant guide “THE BEST” was published. At that time a small booklet which has become a Who Is Who of the leading gastronomy today: 234 top addresses with 143 Michelin stars in 27 countries – like the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat at the Côte d´Azur, The Modern in New York, Restaurant Léa Linster in Luxemburg or Vila Joya in Portugal.

Until February 14th 2017 every 24-piece cutlery set in Sterling Silver or silver-plated contains a voucher for a tempting invitation: Enjoy a dinner for two with accompanying wines in one of the world´s best restaurants - Robbe & Berking pays the bill.

Discover all participating restaurants and learn more about DINNER FOR YOU at our retail partners.

Please also find further information in our manufactory online-shop.

April 2016


Street food on the Silver tray «

As of now a new exclusive food truck is setting highlights in Germany and Austria and presents „Street food on the Silver tray“. Already its distinctive exterior gives a clue: The “GENUSSwagen” is not a normal food truck. In its interior finely handmade silver products meet noble Balik smoked salmon from Switzerland, Prunier caviar from France and finest Champagne and wines from Bordeaux and Provence. The idea was created by the three luxury brands Robbe & Berking, the world market leader for silver cutlery and table accessories, the international Caviar House & Prunier as well as Pommery, the Champagne house rich in tradition. Their goal: Making Germany’s and Austria’s street food culture a bit more luxurious and celebrating pleasure adequately.

The “GENUSSwagen” allows the hosting of up to 60 persons and it is entirely outfitted with Robbe & Berking cutlery and table accessories as well as porcelain from hering Berlin. It is designed for service at gourmet festivals, but can also be rented for private festivities or dinner.

Mrs. Irma de Jager
Mobile: +49 171 44 36 278