Quality since 1874

At Robbe & Berking, excellent service is no by-product; instead it is a matter of course - and it has been since 1874. The employees are extremely proud to be able to assist their customers over years and even decades. Those who buy a product from Robbe & Berking almost always remain a loyal customer from that point onwards. The Robbe & Berking team is extremely grateful for the great trust that customers have been placing in the company over the decades.


The steel cutting and embossing tools used to create the different cutlery designs are carefully manufactured by hand at Robbe & Berking. There are over 2,000 moulds of this kind. If you purchase a precious piece of silver or silverplate cutlery from the Robbe & Berking collection, you have the security of being able to purchase additional pieces for the range until at least 2040.

With this availability guarantee until at least 2040, Robbe & Berking is once again highlighting the special status of its collection.
Watch our film about the availability guarantee here.

Manu factum: Made by hand. There are not many of us left, but that is precisely what motivates us and what has made us what we are. Since 1874. Others may make it cheaper but none may be better.

Silver is a rare precious metal: The proportion of silver in the around 16 kilometre thick earth crust is just 0.08 grams per tonne. That is why silver is valuable. But, above all else, silver is beautiful! Silver has the highest light-reflecting properties of all known materials, which is why silver has such a bright, white metal shine.

Robbe & Berking offers its collection of silver cutlery in sterling silver and in the high-quality 150g massive silver-plated.

925 Sterling silver 
Sterling silver has a standard of 925/1000; in other words it is made up of 92.5 percent pure silver and up to 7.5 percent of other metals. Through alloying (predominantly with copper), sterling silver is harder than pure silver and, as such, markedly durable and, of course, suitable for dishwasher. 

No other silver enjoys as high an international reputation as sterling silver. The hallmark on the rear of the cutlery confirms the quality and origin. The crescent and crown are the symbols for the silver and the country of origin. A festively dressed table with top-quality sterling silver cutlery from Robbe & Berking turns every meal into a real feast.

150g massive silver-plated
Besides the cutlery in sterling silver quality, Robbe & Berking also offers silverplate cutlery. The silverplate cutlery is, however, not presented in the conventional 90 g silver-plating, rather in the significantly more valuable 150g massive silver-plated a development being led by the Robbe & Berking laboratory. The silver layer is up to two thirds thicker, thus significantly lengthening the lifespan of the product. The high quality of the silverplate means that even the 150g massive silver-plated cutlery from Robbe & Berking is completely suitable for dishwasher.

The 150g silverplate by Robbe & Berking can be distinguished by a special hallmark on the rear of the cutlery: a mammoth.

Each piece is manufactured by hand; but we deliver almost every product direct from our well-organized warehouse. Mostly shipping is started on the same day. Let us give you a precise date of delivery. Please use our contact form here.

Although every individual product from the Robbe & Berking factory is handmade and, therefore, unique, we also provide several options when it comes to customising our products. As a gift for a loved one, a wedding or a christening present, or as a refined company gift for particularly valued clients or business partners - with customized handmade pieces from the Robbe & Berking range, you can express how highly you value someone.

With a monogram, engraved by the hand of one of our master engravers, the value of the silver will be considerably increased for the recipient.

The cutlery collections with the famous Robbe & Berking hallmarking are recognised as masterpieces of silversmithing by connoisseurs across the world. And for good reason.

We have been passing on and further refining the art of silversmithing from generation to generation in our Flensburg family business since 1874.

There are 30 to 40 different and individually designed pieces for each cutlery pattern. Ranging from oyster forks to sugar tongs. And some cutlery patterns are complemented by an extensive range of table accessories. Thus the entire table can shine as one.

The extraordinary quality of the silver and silverplate cutlery from Robbe & Berking means that they have long lifespans, are durable and completely suitable for dishwasher. In order to retain their precious shine, all silver cutlery from Robbe & Berking are packaged in aesthetically pleasing packaging to ensure safe transportation and well-protected storage. Furthermore, Robbe & Berking has an excellent range of care products, which you can use to gently preserve the original shine of your silver cutlery.

Caring for silver Who better to turn to for expertise about the correct way to care for valuable silver items than the silver experts at Robbe & Berking? The care products used in the Flensburg workshops hold almost one and a half centuries worth of experience. Robbe & Berking has now made these products available to customers.

Robbe & Berking presents a complete range of high-quality care products for all silver and silverplate cutlery and table accessories. From gentle silver care cloths to effective silver polish, to silver care foam for silver items with lots of grooves and embellishments. Gentle, thorough and easy to use - welcome to the professional care range from Robbe & Berking.

The Robbe & Berking collection can be easily identified as something special and out of the ordinary, even from the packaging itself. A velvet-soft red bag envelops each piece of Sterling-Silver cutlery and each table accessory.

The luxurious packaging of the precious Robbe & Berking products is ideal for transportation and storage: it is practical and befitting of the product inside.

Robbe & Berking silver is made for centuries. As such, we are here for you for generations too. For all questions, for engravings and even for repairs.

1. Repairs
Should a piece fall or become damaged in some other way, our master craftsmen are immediately available. Give us a call. We will find a solution.

2. Engravings
If you purchased cutlery or table accessories from Robbe & Berking without engravings, you can, of course, have these items engraved at a later date; either with lettering, a monogram or with a special customised design, such as a crest, a company logo or another symbol.

3. Availability guarantee 
If you purchase one of the silver or silverplate pieces of cutlery pictured here from the Robbe & Berking collection, you have the security of being able to purchase additional pieces for the range until at least 2040. With this availability guarantee until at least 2040, Robbe & Berking is once again highlighting the special status of its collection.