September 2015

“The Summer of the Twelves” Calendar 2016

Available at mid of September 2015 «

1958 was called "The Summer of the Twelves" in the yachting history. The first America's Cup since 1937 was also the first to be held with 12mR yachts in front of Newport / Rhode Island. Already in 1939 the longtime Cup winner Harold S. Vanderbilt had built the Twelve VIM to continue his winning streak. But only 19 years later, in 1958, the next America's Cup took place. Four US Twelves participated in the heat races that the young Columbia eventually won against the then 19-year old VIM. It was a wonderful summer of the Twelves and in 1959 Carleton Mitchell dedicated his book "Summer of the Twelves" to it.


The summer of 2015 would have filled another book. The now 76-year old VIM won the "Robbe & Berking 12 Metre Open European Championship." With 15 representatives of this class a fleet came to the Flensburg Fjord that could not have been seen in the world since the 150 Cup Jubilee in Cowes in 2001. And the fleet of the Twelves on the Baltic Sea will continue to grow!


The Robbe & Berking Sterling Cup 2016 is taking placing from 1  – 4 "Yachting Heritage Centre" in Flensburg will be opened as well and its library will also contain Mitchell's "The Summer of the Twelves". Previously, people came to Newport to see Twelves. Today they go to Flensburg.


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July 2015

Enjoyment at the highest level

Die Robbe & Berking Champagner-Kollektion «

The champagne flutes from the silver manufacture Robbe & Berking offer elegant enjoyment in the new Mercedes S600 Maybach and set a further highlight in the cooperation between the two companies.

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June 2015

Sonorous opening

Villa Adelheidswert in Bad Homburg «

With an evening in silver glance our partner ADEL (Architekur.Design.Elements.Location) made its debut and from now on welcomes interested people in the classy Villa Adelheidswert in Bad Homburg. A special highlight of the evening was also provided by Anna Depenbusch’s concert on the "Carl Bechstein Sterling Grand Piano – inspired by Robbe & Berking".