The little sea bear Käpt’n Knopf belongs to a rare subspecies of ship’s kobolds and his home are the MS Europa and MS Europa 2 where he experiences exciting adventures. Since the guests aboard both cruise ships indulge in silver from Robbe & Berking, now the ALTA children’s cutlery and matching cups with a lovingly applied Käpt’n Knopf engraving for our little discoverers are available.



A natural phenomenon which would not be possible without the silvery moon covering the sun completely or just leaving a corona of sun rays visible. This play of light is one of the characteristics of this highly elegant pattern.



The sea, the calmness and the bright shine of the sun and silver on board a classic yacht. Breakfast can hardly be more splendid.



The afternoon sun is shining, a gentle summer breeze is in the air and an ice-cold refreshment is waiting for you. Forget the hectic pace of everyday life and enjoy the beauty of the moment.


Street food on the Silver tray    

Already the exterior gives a clue: The “GENUSSwagen” is not a normal food truck. In its interior finely handmade silver products meet noble Balik smoked salmon from Switzerland, Prunier caviar from France and finest Champagne and wines from Bordeaux and Provence.

Your vision is in the best hands

Give your Robbe & Berking cutlery a personal touch. Realise your creative ideas with Robbe and Berking's engraving configuration options. We refine your engraving with a masterly gloss, which is applied carefully and precisely by hand by our engravers.

With the salt oyster a real pinch of Sylt is brought to the table. Creative mind behind the oyster is Alexandro Pape, chef at the "Hotel & Restaurant Fährhaus Sylt" and creator of the first German sea salt. Pape’s wish was a stylish table jar and so he let a real oyster pose as model. Available in a gift set with RIVA salt spoon, Sylt sea salt, wooden tray as well as an oyster in 925 sterling-silver or in a silver-plated version inside gilded.

Meeting at
the highest level

In the rear of the new Mercedes S600 Maybach the champagne flutes from the silvermanufactory Robbe & Berking provide for stylish pleasure and set a further highlight in the cooperation between the two companies.

The Sound
Of Silver.

The “C. Bechstein Sterling Grand Piano – inspired by Robbe & Berking” – a cooperation of the pianoforte manufactory Carl Bechstein and the silver manufactory Robbe & Berking. Accompanying that unique piano our manufactory is offering “The Sound of Silver” sets with coffee- and mocha-spoons – gift ideas with a special note.


This new elegantly curved pair of candelabras makes its new owners composers of light. Grande Composition is the name of this chandelier that can be decorated in many variations, thus becoming a real centerpiece on every festively set table. Design: Brett Payne.



A voucher from Robbe & Berking is always a splendid gift. Give your friends, family, employees or other lovely people a special treat with a voucher for products from our manufactory – available in all Robbe & Berking stores as well as in the manufacture online-shop directly per email or as a gift-card by post. The voucher is redeemable in our online-shop as well as in all Robbe & Berking stores.



From the surface-finish and polishing in between the prongs of the fork to the final quality control, it takes 60 to 80 hands until a single piece of cutlery can be handed over to it´s owners.


The anniversary cutlery

140 years after the opening of its first silver workshop Robbe & Berking is re-launching its anniversary cutlery in 2014 – a design which is one of the most traditional and most beautiful of this long-established manufactory. HERMITAGE.

140 years of finest silversmithing

The Robbe & Berking typical manual hammering technique makes each work unique and reflects the light myriad times. No piece is the same as any other. This makes HERMITAGE the highlight of each beautifully set table.

Precious metals as

Gold and silver have been the classic security instruments for retaining their net worth for investors since time immemorial. You can buy and sell these precious metal investments in various bar sizes and even as coins with Robbe & Berking.

The most beautiful yachts from
one of the most beautiful yacht manufactures

Robbe & Berking Classics was founded in 2008. The shipyard, which specialises in yachts, builds and restores wooden yachts directly at Flensburg city harbour. From small rowing boats to large motor boats or sailing yachts. Classic boats of breathtaking beauty are created here with a love for detail and a great passion for boats.

The world of
Robbe & Berking

Not the limited possibilities of rationalized large series production but instead the experienced hands of the silversmiths determine the quality and shape of every single piece at Robbe & Berking. That is what connoisseurs throughout the globe love. Read about our company philosophy and our history, and find out about our different customers from across the world, as well as our exclusive service.