Interior design

M/Y Quatroelle
by Lürssen

The Quattroelle, which was completed in 2012, is a luxury yacht of the finest kind: 88 metres long and with speeds of 18 knots. Designed by star designers Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard, it represents a unique gem of the Mediterranean. Built by the renowned Lürssen boatyard in Bremen – a world-class family business, just like Robbe & Berking. Quattroelle is an especially fine address on our list of references and – just like half of the 200 largest private yachts in the world – is fitted with silver from Robbe & Berking.

An experience
for the senses

The special reputation of the Robbe & Berking collection has been confirmed by numerous coveted awards. Friends of our company have been creating a special culture of enjoyment since 1874 with silver interior design from Robbe & Berking. Lovingly prepared dishes on a table set with the finest silver from Robbe & Berking – an aesthetic firework for all the senses.

Silver luxury
on board the Falcon 2000S

The Falcon 2000S is the latest version of the exclusive Falcon series by the French aeroplane manufacturer Dassault Aviation. The first-rate business jet is over 20 metres long, achieves Mach 0.85 and has a large cruising range of 6,200 kilometres. High-ranking decision-makers like to use the Falcon 2000S as a comfortable and efficient means of transport with which to reach their meetings around the globe. The interior design by Robbe & Berking ensures befitting levels of comfort in the cabin.

Above the clouds 
with the Falcon 900LX
and the Falcon 7X

Some of the most exclusive business jet models stand amongst the Falcon series by the French aeroplane manufacturer Dassault Aviation. The Falcon 900LX is a three-engined, low wing, business aeroplane. It is around 20 metres long, achieves Mach 0.87 and has a large cruising range of 8,800 kilometres. The Falcon 7X is the fastest aeroplane produced by the company. It is 23 metres in length and is also the largest jet with the greatest cruising range. Both exclusive business jets feature first-rate interior design by Robbe & Berking.

Exclusive business flights
with the Falcon 7X

The Falcon 7X is the fastest and largest aeroplane by the company, and also has the greatest cruising range. It is around 23 metres long, achieves Mach 0.85 and has a large cruising range of 11,000 kilometres. The exclusive business jet is equipped with a first-rate interior design by Robbe & Berking.

Interior design

Robbe & Berking is renowned for working closely with top international interior designers. Silver from Robbe & Berking can be found in the best hotels and on the most exclusive cruise ships in the world, as well as in the most luxurious private jets and most stunning private yachts.

Blackline collection

For those with special taste, Robbe & Berking offers the finest and, in part, unusual table accessories, manufactured by our most experienced silversmiths exclusively for you. From the jam and sugar bar to a pastry stand for little delicacies. Get in touch with us and let us show you the possibilities.
Bread basket with napkin ø 20,0 cm Preis297,00€
Caviarbox Preis816,00€
Butter dish round, with lid and glass insert ø 8,1 cm Preis403,00€
Bread tray corain + silver plated rim big, 40x12 cm Preis806,00€
Ice bucket without lid, silver plated Preis917,00€
Stand, 925 Sterling-Silber Preis915,00€
Salt bar, silver plated Preis460,00€
Sugar bar, silver plated Preis750€
Alta 90 Tea strainer, 2 piece set Preis334,00€


Although every individual product from the Robbe & Berking factory is handmade and, therefore, unique, we also provide several options when it comes to customising our products. Lend your gift a personal note – with customised packaging, an individual engraving or a gold plating.

Our strengths – your benefits

  • Guarantee of availability until at least 2040 
  • Handmade in Germany 
  • Unbeatable material and production quality
  • Fast delivery times
  • Engraving and customisation
  • A great range of items in each collection
  • Care and storage
  • Refined packaging
  • After sales service


You can download our catalogues in PDF format here.
Our Main Catalogue "The Silver Magazine"
Allow yourself to be inspired by the Silver Magazine from Robbe & Berking. You will not find it difficult.
Stainless Steel Broschure 
The stainless steel collection from Robbe & Berkling is also distinguished by its unrivalled quality. The derivation from the silver factory is unmistakeable.

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