Shipping costs

incl. value added tax

CountryShipping costsPostage freeShipping provider
Belgiumfree delivery DPD
Bulgariafree delivery DPD
Denmarkfree delivery DPD
Germanyfree delivery DHL
Estoniafree delivery DPD
Finlandfree delivery DPD
Francefree delivery DPD
Greecefree delivery DPD
Irelandfree delivery DPD
Italyfree delivery DPD
Latviafree delivery DPD
Lithuaniafree delivery DPD
Luxembourgfree delivery DPD
Netherlandsfree delivery DPD
Austriafree delivery DPD
Polandfree delivery DPD
Portugalfree delivery DPD
Romaniafree delivery DPD
Swedenfree delivery DPD
Switzerland *free delivery DPD
Slovakiafree delivery DPD
Sloveniafree delivery DPD
Spainfree delivery DPD
Czech Republicfree delivery DPD
Hungaryfree delivery DPD
Maltafree delivery UPS
Cyprusfree delivery UPS
Croatiafree delivery DPD


* Please kindly note, that the stated delivery price does not include import duty and import sales tax due for imports to Switzerland.
These surcharges must be borne by the client when clearing the goods at the customs.