Robbe & Berking meets Ulrich Fiedler

Ulrich Fiedler and Katharina Evers trade with exquisite vintage furniture, which they display in their 280-square-metre apartment in Berlin. Combining their home and gallery, gives them the opportunity to live amongst their finds for a while before they get to a new home. When asking Fiedler if he had a piece, that he would never let go of, he said: "I haven't been able to afford this luxury, but with time I have learned, that it was enough for me just to have owned them for some time." Robbe & Berking got to visit Fiedler and Evers in Berlin, pairing beautiful vintage finds with some of our most iconic silver pieces.

Our Robbe & Berking Sphinx tumblers paired with figures of the famous Bauhaus chess game, designed by Josef Hartwig in 1923. When asking Fiedler who he would like to play in a game of chess, his answer was: "Marcel Duchamp." Henri-Robert-Marcel-Duchamp was a French painter, sculptor, chess player and writer. His work is mainly associated with cubism, dada, and conceptual art.

Tea Time in minimalistic-timeless design: KPM meets Robbe & Berking. "Marianne Brandt" was the answer, when asking Fiedler who he would like to sit together with, over a cup of tea. Brandt was a painter, sculptor, and designer, who studied at the Bauhaus school in Weimar. Her designs are considered timeless examples of modern industrial design.

The organic lines of our Sphinx Cutlery paired with straight lines and colors at Fiedler’s dining table. When asking Fiedler, which dish he would like to eat from Robbe & Berking Sphinx cutlery, he answered: "A sole or a turbot would probably match well. I would love to try that." Our Sphinx fish cutlery would be perfect for that.

Fiedler chose the designer Mies van der Rohe, when we asked him which designer of the past he would like to see a new design of today. One of our favorite scenes from the photoshoot was the Mies van der Rohe chair with its organic curves from 1927, together with our curved Sphinx Cutlery. Just like this chair from 1927, Rohe mostly designed new furniture in connection with his architectural designs. With his guiding principle, "less is more", Rohe became one of the most important architects of the modernism in the 20th century.

Robbe & Berking: "What do you think makes a product become an original?"

Fiedler: "The fact, that it can still persist on the market today, after oftentimes a hundred years."

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