Excellence in design and craftsmanship:
Mercedes-Maybach x Robbe & Berking

In the 150th anniversary year of the silver manufactory, a unique design idea has become reality after many thousands of hours of work. Mercedes-Maybach has created an exclusive S-Class model in special colors for the 150th anniversary. The design is reminiscent of the legendary 12mR yacht SPHINX, which was built in 1939 and went down in history among the "Twelvers" in the premier class of sailing.
The collaboration for this project, which makes hearts beat faster for design and craftsmanship, goes back to a close and long-lasting relationship between the two companies. For over 20 years, customers of the manufacturer Maybach have been able to find a set of handmade silver-plated champagne goblets in the refrigerator compartment of their vehicle.
The relationship between the Robbe & Berking silver manufactory and sailing and SPHINX is also historic. The now 85-year-old SPHINX was the first classic wooden yacht that Oliver Berking, owner and managing director of both manufactories, restored - leading to the founding of the Robbe & Berking Classics shipyard in 2008. The ship in its current form looks back on an eventful history and numerous competition successes. All this is reason enough for all those involved at Robbe & Berking to be proud to revive this era together with Maybach.
This is how the design symbiosis of the two vehicle worlds came about. The unique Mercedes-Maybach S 6801 is also based on the characteristic face of the "twelve" yacht SPHINX. As always, this saloon is also enhanced with exclusive Robbe & Berking fittings, such as the famous champagne goblets from our bar collection, naturally with elegant Maybach branding. The interior itself is reminiscent of the yacht's sails and deck with its many ornate details and high-quality materials. The vibrant paintwork in nautical blue metallic and MANUFAKTUR patagonia red bright makes both vehicles unmistakable design icons.
Like the SPHINX, our exclusive Mercedes-Maybach S-Class anniversary vehicle embodies the unique combination of passion, exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail - and thus precisely the values that unite our two brands. We would like to congratulate Robbe & Berking on their anniversary and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration.

Daniel Lescow
Head of Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-Benz Group AG

This wonderful anniversary vehicle is a further sign of the friendship that has long united Maybach and Robbe & Berking. We also share a common passion. First-class craftsmanship, the finest materials and timelessly beautiful lines. On the road as well as on the water and on the table.

Oliver Berking
CEO Robbe & Berking Silver manufactory

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