A cup of tea with fine silver

In 2023, the Robbe & Berking silversmiths are staging an absolute trend theme. Tea! The oldest hot drink in the world - often as expensive as fine wine.

As an alternative to the omnipresent to-go mentality, the enjoyment of tea is becoming a small ritual for more and more people and, thus, a balm for the soul for even the most strenuous everyday life. What began as a social event in England is now a ritual for many people worldwide. The growing awareness of a healthy lifestyle and the connection between nutrition and health means that tea is gaining importance worldwide.

In many fine grand hotels, the tea time is a highlight, where not only the finest porcelain, silver cutlery and, of course, silver teapots are brought to the table, but also numerous other accessories that tea connoisseurs cannot do without. Sometimes several courses are served with tea. Traditionally, these are sweet or savoury snacks like sandwiches, scones, and small pastries. Of course, tea time at home can also be a wonderfully sociable way to satisfy hunger between lunch and dinner.

The great classics from Robbe & Berking include silver coffee- and tea services

Regardless of the room's ambience, the magic of a perfect tea time always includes the loving details on the table. A typical composition of a coffee- and tea service from Robbe & Berking consists of a silver tray with a teapot, a coffee pot, a milk jug and a sugar bowl with a lid. The Silver Teapot is the centrepiece of the tea ceremony and is used to brew and serve the tea. The coffee pot is part of the set, so guests can have a coffee if they wish. Of course, milk jugs and sugar bowls should be included too for tea or coffee.

The advantages of silver-plated and Sterling silver teapots

Robbe & Berking teapots store heat longer than standard teapots. With a teapot warmer, the optimal temperature of the tea is maintained over a long time. Teapots from Robbe & Berking are purchased for life, not only because of their unrivalled craftsmanship but also because of their timelessly elegant design. The three styles, Alta, Neue Form and Alt Augsburg, bring beautiful splendour to every table for generations. Manu Factum – made by hand. Our master silversmiths are happy to restore old and inherited teapots to new splendour, refurbish them, or immortalize a name, date or monogram with a hand-engraved engraving.

True to style: silver accessories

One of the two tea strainers from the silver manufactory is rotatable, gimballed over a drip tray and ensures that all tea drops are reliably caught after pouring. The other tea strainer is impressive with the colour contrast between its chic, almost black Corian handle and the silver shine of the tea strainer and bowl. This makes it a real eye-catcher at every tea ceremony. This also applies to the tea coaster, which is made of walnut and has a silver lining. This interplay of two unique natural materials offers every teapot a stylish base.

Whether it's a silver teaspoon, sugar tongs or pastry server, teapot, a teapot warmer or tea strainer, it doesn't matter. A silver detail alone gives every tea table an exceptional shine.

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Robbe & Berking

Robbe & Berking

The silver manufacturer Robbe & Berking was founded in 1874 and is still a pure family business today – now in its 5th generation.

Manu Factum – made by hand – is everything that bears the name of the company. The master silversmiths in the silver manufactory and the master boat builders in the Robbe & Berking yacht manufactory are responsible for the unrivalled quality worldwide. It is not the limited possibilities of rational large-scale production, but the hands of the master craftsmen and women alone that determine the form and quality of each piece of work.

This is how cutlery and tableware of timeless elegance and beauty are created, which never just follow passing fashions or trends, but are made to last for generations. As the market leader in silver cutlery, Robbe & Berking is a supplier to the world's finest businesses.