Salt and pepper are no longer mundane seasonings. The type of salt and pepper plays a crucial role in good cuisine today. Not all salt is the same and not all pepper is alike.

The Robbe & Berking salt and pepper shakers place these most commonly used seasonings on a silver throne. Discreet yet unmissable, unsurpassed workmanship down to the finest detail and radiantly beautiful, they are an eye-catcher on any table.

Leon Collection

The Robbe & Berking Leon collection is the brainchild of silversmith Beate Leonards. In perfect interplay of aesthetics and function, these almost conical vessels are not only beautiful to look at, but are also enchanting with their simple sophistication and harmonious interplay of form, material and function.

Hand meets Craft

Robbe & Berking silver manufacturer was founded in 1874 and still remains a family-run business today. The perfection and quality of our products remain unrivalled anywhere in the world, industrial mass production is not an option here. The shapes and decorative details are created by our silversmiths' own hands. The world's finest hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and numerous royal families all rely on the high-quality and unique design of Robbe & Berking silver.

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Family tradition since 1874